on lessons learned and mistakes made

Growth, and the inevitable maturing that follows, are experiences central to study abroad. The well-known cliche of coming back home a whole new person exists because it is true. Students return brimming with stories of weekend trips to foreign lands, late-night early-morning rendezvous, and meals with strangers from every corner of the globe. A semester… Continue reading on lessons learned and mistakes made

core course week

Core Course Week has come and gone, and I'm here to share all the fabulous adventures my core class, The European Game of Politics, got up to. One of the greatest things about DIS is the emphasis placed on first-hand learning experiences and Core Course Week is a perfect example of this initiative. Each Core… Continue reading core course week

croissants & hamlet

the perfect day trip summarized (warning for excessive photo dumps) Today was my first official Wednesday in Copenhagen. Wednesdays at DIS mean no classes. Instead, the day is reserved for local field studies planned by our professors that relate to our courses and the material we’re discussing.  This week, my roommate and I found that… Continue reading croissants & hamlet

my arrival to copenhagen & my first few days…

My flight from California to Copenhagen was uneventful. Besides dealing with a slighty overweight suitcase and the common case of airport fatigue, I arrived to Copenhagen Airport safe, sound, and right on time. Once we touched down, the rest of the day went by in a blur. In large buses, us DIS students were transported… Continue reading my arrival to copenhagen & my first few days…